Blood Clock (11:55 minutes, 2005.)


Blood Clock was first exhibited in the FASTWURMS installation of the same name at the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International (TAAFI), 2005.


Blood Clock features original images and sound from FASTWURMS rural home, including the cycle of a full moon with a spring frog chorus and cows playing in a pond as the sun sets in the harvest season.


FASTWURMS original images are mixed with samples from the classic pagan cult film The Wicker Man (1973), including Willows Song by Paul Giovanni:


Heigh ho! Who is there?

No one but me, my dear.

Please come say, how do?

The things I'll give to you.

A stroke as gentle as a feather

I'll catch a rainbow from the sky

and tie the ends together.

Heigh ho! I am here.

Am I not young and fair?

Please come say, how do?

The things I'll show to you.

Would you have a wond'rous sight?

The midday sun at midnight.

Fair maid, white and red,

Comb you smooth and stroke your head.

How a maid can milk a bull!

And every stroke a bucketful.